Re: Need a CT-3 trigger pick-off for the lab.

Borut V

I have one which I can sell but I am from Europe, it is still in original
Regards, Borut

V pon., 17. maj 2021 16:34 je oseba Eric <> napisala:

Doesn’t look like it unfortunately. It appears that the VP-2 is a
impedance matching coupler for the S-3 sampling unit which is 75 Ohms. The
CT-3 is a 50 ohm pass through with a 10X of attenuation at the pickoff
point. In reading the calibration document a little more closely it looks
like all this is doing is using a CT-3 to make a small signal out of an
sg-503 for use in the trigger adjustment of the 465. You need to make the
trigger adjustments around 20 mv of signal at 10 Mhz. If this is truly the
case and all that the CT-3 is used for then I have something in the lab
already that will cover this signal. My HP 8657A can easily generate these
clean and low level signals so I might be able to get this I think the
process is adjust the trigger to fire at 25mV, no trigger at 20mV


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Would a VP-2 work as well? The difference between a CT and VP seems not
too clear to me even after reading the manuals.

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