Re: Tek 577 Step Gen & Volt Div knobs skirt pictures needed

Andy Warner

I measure all three knob skirts at 1.482” outside diameter (doesn’t seem to
be around number in metric either.)
I suspect we could use 1.5” without serious problem, although the alignment
of the yellow numbers with the lamp lens will be tricky.
If I remove them again to try and take perfect photos, I will try and
figure out the inner and outer diameter of the alternate markings used when
the lamp is on.

On Sun, May 16, 2021 at 16:39 Stefan <> wrote:

Hi Roger,

From the photos posted, new dial faces can be created. I would need to
know the true diameter of each dial (3 of them?) and the best example of
the gold color. I would recommend the files be .pdf (photoshop document
file) for its universal format.

These would not be touched up photos, but rather new illustrations with no



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