FS: Tektronix Concept series Measurements and Circuits

Ken Eckert

I have a complete set (or pretty close too) of the Tektronix Concept series, Measurements and Circuits. They are in pristine condition, I don't think they were ever read, so no marking, no dog ears.....

I would like to sell them as two sets (unless someone wants both) So all Measurements in one set, all the Circuits in one set.

What I thought that instead of setting a price and possibly juggling competing offers that are the same, send me your offer. Best offer by Sat. morning May 22 takes. That should (hopefully) give everyone a chance to see the offer.

I am in Vancouver, BC local pickup is fine, shipping would be by Canada Post on top of the purchase price.

Tektronix Concept series:

Set 1:

Vertical Amp circuits
Sweep gen circuits
Storage CRTs
Spectrum Analyzer circuits
Sampling oscilloscope circuits
Oscilloscope trigger circuits
TV waveform processing circuits
Auto test systems
INFO display concepts

Set 2:

Spectrum Analyzer Measurements
Probe Measurements
TDR Measurements
Biophysics measurements
TV system measurements
Semiconductor Measurements
Engine Analysis measurements

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