Re: Converting a rack to a bench

Dave Peterson

That's great Tim. Thanks.

Found the instructions pdf that includes all necessary parts.


On Friday, May 14, 2021, 11:28:02 PM PDT, Tim Phillips <> wrote:

Hakan (Zenith) has the info on his site, in the 'Kits & Mods' section.
The trickiest part is installing the bolts that hold the two halves
together - the front bolts must be low-profile to clear the plug-ins,
and the rear ones are hard to reach and tighten. They are long hex-head
bolts, but ordinary steel bolts will do.
I used a flexible-shaft nut driver. You will also need different
cover-panels, of course. Maybe swap with someone going the other way ?
Where are you situated?
Also, be VERY careful re-installing the big 10-way ribbon - one pin out can
fry all your hard work ! (Go on, ask me !!)

On Sat, 15 May 2021 at 03:07, Dave Peterson via <davidpinsf=> wrote:

I'm looking through my 5440 instruction manual and looking at the
instrument conversion/rack mounting instructions. It says field conversion
kits are available.

Well this is from the 70's, and I'm sure Tektronix is no longer providing
these kits. I'm also guessing equipment was generally sold in bench
cabinets, and what the manual is referring to is a rack conversion kit. Was
there ever such a thing as a bench conversion kit?

I just bought a rack configured 5111A. Are there kits out in the world to
convert a rack configuration to a bench cabinet?

I suspect it's just a matter of finding a gutted 5000 series scope.


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