Re: Looking for sensitive audio RMS meter


My Datron 1061A has the "high performance true RMS ACV" option fitted,
which has 100nV resolution, 6.5 digits, up to 100kHz. I'm not
intending to sell it, especially as it's nowhere near me at the
moment, but it might not be too hard to find another one.


On Mon, May 10, 2021 at 11:18 PM cheater cheater
<> wrote:

Hi all, looking for a true RMS meter that can do roughly ~DC to ~100
kHz measurement down to 1 uV and up to say tens of volts. Hoping to
find something inexpensive and can be calibrated. Can someone suggest
anything? Either Tek or HP/A/K or something else. Bench or portable is
fine. Battery operation a big plus either way. I'd like 5 digits or
more, but fewer is fine around 1 uV. My budget is a few hundred $.


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