Re: 465 Capacitor Refit Adapters

Dave Peterson

Once all is cleaned up well, test continuity between the front and back of the board to verify the integrity of the vias. See the picture in the album I pointed to earlier with the red circle around the C1512 (I think) + terminal. This via became stripped in the removal process creating an open to only a portion of the +55v unregulated node.

Was _very_ confusing to debug as it was only part of the node that was unconnected.

Much easier to fix before soldering in the new caps.


On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 11:18:01 AM PDT, Bill via <> wrote:

I got all the old capacitors out.  Took a while but I didn't damage the PCB or the traces.

I found, as someone else had found, that using solder wick with solder rosin flux smeared on it did a good job of removing the solder.  In fact it worked so well I was able to use a 30 watt Velleman soldering iron to do it.  After removing as much solder as I could I used an old Weller 100/140 watt solder gun to heat the capacitors connections as I wiggled them out very carefully.  This worked very well.  Just go slow and don't get carried away when wiggling them.

Many thanks to all for current and past recommendations here on how to do it!!


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