Re: 465 Capacitor Refit Adapters

Dave Peterson


I put up some photos of my recap job in the folder:

There are examples of the new caps with the adapters on (these are pre-snap in sized adapters), and a view of the board with the caps soldered in. I had to trim the leads of the snap-in caps to fit the adapters. Plenty of material left to make good solid electrical and mechanical attachment.

I backed up the large holes with a piece of foil tape. The thick aluminum foil used to seal duct work (not duct tape!). I used a hole punch to make nice round patches, then stuck the lead through the middle. The adhesive melts right away, but the foil did a good job of not allowing the solder to overflow onto the backside of the board. I didn't fight too much to fill the large holes entirely. The electrical connection is beyond established, and the mechanical connection is also very solid. The caps are significantly smaller and lighter than the originals.

Hope the pics help.

On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 06:37:52 AM PDT, Bill via <> wrote:

I have received my Capacitor Adapters 15.5mm triangle from CUOG on Ebay.  How are the pin headers used to make up the ground connections?

Getting close to installing them.


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