Re: Novice X-Y Problem 2265

Alan Young <agyoung@...>

It appears that the 2246 has a problem with the X-Y mode. Long story short - each of the two inputs. When viewed individually (or comparatively in AB mode) I can see the demod signal on one channel and the RF envelope on the other, normally. However, when in X-Y mode, only by pushing the beam finder can I see anything. While pressed, it shows bothe the X and Y input only in the vertical mode. I can see each channel, but the respective inputs just modulate in the X (vertical) axis.

I have poured through the manual and nothing helpful. I guess I am looking for another scope. Didn’t pay much for this one, and it is always a gamble. So, I guess I’ll try another one. I don’t need anything esoteric as it will just be looking at RF in the 4mh-50 MHz range. So the search is on.

Thanks to all for the help and information.

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