Re: Transporting a 500-Series Scope without Breaking the CRT


The packing material you referred to was likely rubberized horsehair. It was used extensively for packing heavy items at the time, and worked very well. The military used it as well. In the 1960s, burning trash was fairly common in many places. If you threw that packing material in the fire, everyone for a mile around knew it. PEEEEEUUUUU! I think there was a similar packing that used nylon strands to replace the horsehair, it was stiffer and had a totally different smell. Oh yeah, we always saved all of the aerisol cans, electrolytic condensers, and batteries from the shop to throw in the fire as well.

    Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 5/5/21 23:21, Greg Muir via wrote:
I vaguely remember receiving a new 524AD in a heavy cardboard box with a molded rubberized fiber surrounding it forming a sort of cavity. The material had sort of a slightly springy characteristic to it yet it didn’t give from the weight. Upon receiving it you simply plugged it in.

These scopes were supplied by RCA as part of their complete broadcast television packages and if I can remember were drop shipped from Tek. I say “drop shipped” but don’t really mean it literally but the 60+ pound weight of the scope may have caused them to experience the “real thing.”

In those days we also received the larger transmitter final tubes packed in the same material. It seemed to be the packaging of choice in that era.


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