Re: Novice X-Y Problem 2265



The 2200-series WERE "cheap and flimsy" compared to the 400-series scopes (well, the knobs and buttons were, at least. The cases were still pretty well made), but that was by design: Tek was facing fierce competition from Japanese manufacturers and they designed the 2200-series scopes to reduce cost of parts and assembly (and, whether intentional, or just a fortuitous side effect, of maintenance). The 2200-series scopes also wound up being much lighter than the 400-series, but I'm not sure that is a cost-cutting measure, or if it was meant as an improvement in user-experience (it certainly is easier to haul a 2235 around than a 465).

The later 2200-series scopes, like the 2246, increased the cost cutting by going to entirely (or mostly) digital controls, but this also allowed the controls to be programmed by GPIB or loaded from saved settings, which was another kind of user-experience improvement, though not one that everybody appreciates in equal measure. Lots of folks, myself included, like solid, direct mechanical controls rather than fly-by-wire instrumentation.

-- Jeff Dutky

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