Re: Novice X-Y Problem 2265


Good clarification--I think you are correct on the single blink, but can't remember for sure.

Actually, you might still be able to get it to work--there may not be a problem here. Since you can't seem to turn everything off in the MODE section, If you just leave chan 2 on, and ground the chan 2 input (both lights off), you should still be able to get a horizontal line if there is a signal on the channel 1 input. If you are feeding the square wave probe compensation ("calibrator") signal into chan 1, the square wave will result in two dots in the horizontal plane, due to the "dwell time" of the signal at the positive and negative portions of the square wave. If you briefly turn up the intensity, you should see a faint line between the dots, representing the rise/fall portions of the square wave. Just put your X and Y signals in as I said in the previous post, and it ought to work if all is OK with the scope.

I understand your "cheap and flimsy" comment after using the 465; I feel the same way, but I have to say I find it very nice to have a much lighter scope to carry around. And both my 2245A and 2247A work very well. And all of them, in my estimation, are nicer to use than the new digital scopes that have one knob with many functions that you are always having to select with push buttons. The older ones are much faster to use, at least for me.

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