Re: Plastic Part for a 3L5

Jim Adney

On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 01:47 PM, Michael W. Lynch wrote:

I think the part that Dave is speaking of is #87 "Spool,switch actuator" Shown
on page # 2 of the exploded diagram. #87 is secured to the shaft and moves the
"switch detent" #91 as the knob is pulled out.
Okay, I see them now. Those are different. #87 may be a simple collar, possibly Al, and certainly easy to reproduce.

#91 might well serve the same purpose as the part I'm asking about, but it appears to be quite different, and it's part number is completely different.

This was a simple collar with a groove in the center that I was suggesting to be built on a lathe.
Yes, that would have been nice and easy.


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