Re: Plastic Part for a 3L5

Jim Adney

On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 01:47 PM, David Holland wrote:

Is this the part you're talking about?
Yes, it's there, way in the background. It's hidden behind the shaft and the bits on the shaft. The Al disk engages the part I'm asking about.

Here are two photos I just took of it from two different angles. Sorry, they are poor and we don't get to see much in either photo.

If you'll scan to the photos to the left and right of these two, you'll find a photo of the Tek drawing for this part, as well as a sketch I made, trying to make some of the dimensions clearer. There are some things in the Tek drawing that I'm not clear on, mostly the ribs in the center hole which may be to eliminate clearance to the slide switch toggle. It's possible that those ribs are the only thing that holds that part in place, which seems pretty odd.

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