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John Ferguson

Way OT, but.... runaway foaming

A new man made a delivery of catalyzer to a refrigerated trailer builder we worked with.  They were insulated with poly-urethane probably same thing UPS was using.

The trailers were foamed by erecting a mandrel inside the trailer and a shell on the outside so that the liner and the outside would stay parallel under foaming. They did this in a building designed for this purpose.

Our hero drove up to the hydrant and found that the connector on the hose he had didn't fit the hydrant, so he came up with an adaptor and then proceeded to fill the resin tank with catalyzer. The resulting pressure of the newly catalyzed resin was enough to burst a diaphragm in the system such that the building was filled with foam, as in FILLED.  It was a lightly constructed building in East Texas and although I never saw the result, the building took on the appearance of a sausage.

Our firm was hired to fix it.  Chain Saws worked the best although they did cause some damage to the equipment.


On 5/5/21 2:41 PM, Jeff Dutky wrote:
someone wrote:
I don't know about FedEx or UPS but the local electronics companies near
me all use the foam in place machines and they are very effective at
preventing damage to electronic equipment. I'm surprised that UPS and Fedex
don't use those.
Back in the late-90s the local UPS facility (actually UPS, not a franchised storefront) had one of the foam-in-place machines for public use (the paying public; I'm sure you had to be preparing a package for UPS shipment to use the machine, or maybe you paid per use, I don't recall the details now). I helped a friend ship a Northgate CP/M computer and we packed with the expanding foam. It was easy to use and very effective, but I can imagine that a clumsy customer could have made a terrible mess if they were not careful with the dispenser.

-- Jeff Dutky

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