Re: Plastic Part for a 3L5

Jim Adney

On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 09:56 AM, Michael W. Lynch wrote:

Post a picture, If it is like the ones that Dave is describing from the 7B53,
it would be a simple task to turn out the part from nylon on a lathe.
Well, right now it's buried in my 3L5, but maybe I can get a somewhat useful macro shot of it. I'm more likely to be able to make a sketch from the almost unreadable drawing and take a photo of that. It's NOT a lathe part; all right angles and square inside and outside corners.

I believe a replacement could be much beefier than the original. The OE Tek part strikes me as skimpy and weak. I like the idea of making one from Aluminum, but there's plenty of room to make plastic replacements with much thicker walls.

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