Re: Novice X-Y Problem 2265

Alan Young <agyoung@...>

Hello and thanks Wayne.
I was using ch3 for the trigger as the sensing device Precise RF SMT Station Monitor has a trigger line out. They really don’t describe how to use it but I agree with you, it isn’t necessary.
I think the problem is with the scope. I can’t deselect all of the MODE buttons at the same time. If there is one remaining selector lit, pushing the deselect button does nothing except flash the vert on lower left and “X-Y” on the lower right. The dot is present, actually two dots, for just a brief second before the relays change. It does this whether any of the channels are the last one selected. I have power cycled it numerous times to no avail.

I hope there is some clarity in what I’ve described!

Thanks again.


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