Searching for 2247A Front Foot


I recently acquired a just-like-new 2247A from a friend that was a long-time Tek employee. It has had very little use, and you cannot tell it from a new one fresh out of the box except for one missing part. The only flaw in the entire scope, cosmetically or functionally, is one of the black polyurethane front feet is missing, 348-0659-00. As far as I have found so far, this part number was used only on the 2245A and 2247A The 2246 parts list shows the foot, but no part number, and the description says "Not replaceable at this time". The part was made by a company called Triquest according to the Tek manual, but a web search indicates they must be out of business.

The "further-down-the-line" 22xx scopes I looked at use a different part number. Wondering if anyone has a 2245A or 2247A parts mule that might be willing to sell me a foot to put this beautiful machine back into absolutely pristine condition.

Thank you!

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