Re: Tektronix Probe Replacement Parts and Accessories

Lawrance A. Schneider

On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 11:00 AM, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:

I created this list because I have a lot of probes. Since I have all of the
7000 and 5000 series plugins as well as many TM500/TM5000 plugins all these
probes are necessary to use the plugins.
If COVID ever ends and I ever make it out of Maine and to the opposite side of the USA, I hope to somehow see your collection. It would be the fulfillment of a boyhood dream; I can't remember the first 'tekscope' I ever saw, but I'll bet I drooled. I would hope that were the 'fulfillment' to come to pass, I would not drool.

Good for you Dennis, larry

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