Novice X-Y Problem 2265

Alan Young <agyoung@...>

Hello all,
I am trying to use a 2246 for monitoring a two tone input in ch1 and 2 to look at the beat pattern of a transmitter.
When in X-Y mode I don’t see anything. If I push the beam finder I see the two dots all the way to the left and have superimposed them. The test setup is a demodulation signal from the tap to X and the Y is the RF sampler out. The device has a trigger port for triggering, using ch 3 for the trigger. When the transmitter is keyed and beam finder pushed in I can see vertical deviations of the demod signal but no movement in time. Without pushing in the beam finder I see nothing. I haven’t used a scope in 40 years, last one used was a 465.
Any thoughts would be helpful, and thanks in advance.


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