Re: Tek 465B Diagnosis Comments Requested #photo-notice


Glad to hear that you fixed the problem!

The sheet metal cover is easy to assemble incorrectly, and a number of 475s that I have handled (whose construction is almost identical to the 465) had their sheet metal covers assembled in various wrong ways. I don't entirely understand your fix, but you may have simply restored the cover to its correct configuration. It certainly should NOT have been pressing on the attenuator blocks.

These scopes can be operated with both 1X and 10X probes, which is why they have a probe readout sense ring (you're cheap Chinese probes almost certainly don't have a readout sense pin, so the vertical gain range lamps will be lit incorrectly, but that's merely an inconvenience). However, a 1X probe (or a 1X/10X probe in 1X mode) has very different bandwidth characteristics than a 10X probe (or a 1X/10X probe in 10X mode). In almost all cases you will want to have your probe set to 10X, unless you need the increased sensitivity of 1X mode, and can accept the drastically lower bandwidth.

-- Jeff Dutky

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