Re: Tek 465B Diagnosis Comments Requested #photo-notice


Thank you. But this response came too late. I have already buttoned up the project, calling it finished. Now that I know those little rectangular white plastic blocks are actually easily removed, I "fixed" my problem another way. I had already cleaned the contacts, best as I could with those blocks in the way. Here was the problem: I noticed that both channels behave more or less the same way when my cheap chinese probes are set to 10X, when the sheet metal cover of channel 1 was off. But as soon as I tried to put the little sheet metal cover back on, the trace would get pointed and noisy again. That cover is a snap-on arrangement, and it was squeezing together the metal sides of the attenuator mounting bracket. So what it did was bend one of the flanges of the cover outwards out so it didn't squeeze and snap on. Now it is only held in place by the 5 little screws. Now both channels behave almost perfectly identically. What i also learned was this scope doesn't like when you set the switch the probes to 1X. Apparently the correct way to operate this scope is with the probes set at 10X all the time. I believe I like this scope better than my 2215, even though my 2215 is light as a feather and works absolutely perfectly. This 465B has the DM44 volt/ohmeter on top. From what I read, it has a 10meg impedence on the voltmeter, which means you can use it as a VTVM. Is that true? Thank you. PS: this 465B is a sweet machine.

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