Re: Tek 465B Diagnosis Comments Requested #photo-notice

Dave Peterson

I'm not familiar with the 465B yet, but my first examination of the innards shows it is very close to the earlier 465.

Review the Maintenance section of the Service Manual available on Tek Wiki (make sure you're accessing the correct manual for the 465B, not the earlier scopes). The Maintenance section of the 465 (earlier) gives a good description of the removal of the vertical assembly on the left side of the scope. I'd be surprised if the 465B SM didn't give a similarly good disassembly procedure.

The 465 procedure involves unsoldering the input capacitors (the small metal cylinders inside the attenuator shields). Then behind those caps are 4 1/4" nuts that have to be removed. They are what hold the board to the face. Aside from taking off the volts/div knobs, you don't need to disassemble anything from the face. The BNCs are attached to the vertical board, not the face.

Otherwise it's bits-n-pieces that should be apparent to disconnect the rest of the board. You'll probably have a few small wires to unsolder to free the board. Along with screws and connectors in plane sight.

Good luck!

On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, 09:22:08 PM PDT, henryfinley <> wrote:

I have a problem on my Tek 465B. On channel 1 the square test wave doesn't display right until I tap or push down on the rectangular white plastic adjustment blocks on the attenuator board. Every time I change the VOLT/DIV knob, I have to tap or push down on one or the other of the first or second block (counting from the front of the scope), to get the squate wave to display correctly. I suspect possibly a bad solder joint on the underside of the board. but I can't figure out how to get the attenuator board out, aside of taking odd all the knobs so I can get the front panel off, so I can get to the bracket screws, so I can take out the attenuator board. Certainly there has to be a better way. Thank you.

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