Re: Plastic Part for a 3L5

Dave Casey

Pretty sure I've seen aluminum versions in various 7k plugins. The 7B53A
comes to mind.

Dave Casey

On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 5:33 PM Jim Adney <jadney@...> wrote:

There is a small, white plastic part in a 3L5 that translates the axial
motion of the "Pull for Divide by 100" knob to a slide switch. I had a 3L5,
sold long ago, that was missing that part, presumably because it had broken
and fallen out of the plugin. I have long wondered how hard it would be to
make replacements, and 3D printers probably make that easy now. The part is
376-0063-00 "COUPLER, slide switch to disk". I asked Deane Kidd about these
long ago and he didn't have any, but he managed to send me a copy of the
Tek drawing. The copy is extremely poor, however, so I can barely make out
what it's supposed to look like. Fortunately, I can see what originals
looked like in my other 3L5s.

My question is whether this part was used in other plugins and if there
would be any point in my getting a few 3D printed. It looks like a fairly
fragile piece, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were a commonly needed
part, but only if they were used in several more common plugins. Let me
know if you know of other applications.


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