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LOL! I went to a Hewlett Packard conference in Portland, Oregon in about
the year 2000. While I was there a local friend that I knew from the
internet, but had never met in person, showed me around the area and to
some good surplus outlets that no one else was aware of. Big dirty
buildings but crammed FULL of old electronics. One place had just heaps of
HP manuals and I bought hundreds of ones that I had never seen before. I
packed them in a huge box and it was HEAVY and I knew that I was going to
get severely beat up with excess weight baggage charges on my flight home
later the same day. But when I got to the airport in my taxi and got the
box out at the curb, the porter tried to pick it up, *and failed*! He
basically just said "No way, man". So there I was stuck at the airport with
a huge box full of manuals that they wouldn't ship and with my flight
leaving in about 40 minutes. In depression, I started non-stop calling my
friend that lived in town and leaving messages on his answering machine. He
finally came ZOOMING into the airport and up to the curb about 3 minutes
before the Final Boarding Call for my flight! I basically just threw the
box in his car before he could even get out and said "I'll call you later"
and then ran to catch my flight. He eventually repacked the manuals into
smaller boxes and then sent them to me. I've since provided over 800 rare
manuals to the Computer History Museum and a couple of other archive sites.
I still have the HP-120(IIRC) CPM computer that I also found on that trip
and very wisely shipped home. We demo'd it at the HP conference the very
next day after I found it and it worked flawlessly and everyone there was
amazed at how fast it was with only a Z-80 CPU and 64k of memory.

On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 4:11 PM Jim Strohm <> wrote:

Ahh, surplus tourism!

That sounds a lot like how I got my Johnson Invader 2000 back in the last
century. A friend invited me to the SF Bay Area for a summer vacation at
about the same time my ex-girlfriend invited me to Vegas on her high-roller
gambler dad’s nickel.

A few days before my flight back to Texas, I found the Invader 2000 in a
radio shop for something like $400. With another $100 for excess baggage
charges, it went home with me and my ex-girlfriend actually helped load it
in the trunk of her car.

It wasn’t true love — more like quid pro quo. Don’t ask. Just wait for my


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