Re: What's a chat.. and why?

Vince Vielhaber

I just checked a group I moderate and the only control is whether it's disabled or who can start a chat. Although I saw nothing that will control if it's visible when you're not logged in or not a member, I looked at some groups I'm NOT in and I don't see chat in any of those. Now whether or not they even have chat enabled, I don't know but it seems to be defaulted to enabled.


On 05/04/2021 10:29 AM, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:
You can add me to the list of members who never heard of the Chat feature until now!
It's a good day when you learn something new that might actually be useful in your life.

Without ever having used one here or anywhere else I can see an obvious pro and con to using it. Also, I have a few naive questions for anyone who has used them before.

PRO: A good reason for using Chat would be whenever a topic wanders off into the weeds but people want to continue the discussion for some reason. Switching to a Chat "Room" would be a better solution than politely suggesting they end their conversation.

CON: Whatever is being discussed in the Chat may be of benefit to members who are not aware that there is a discussion going on in a Chat "Room".

1) Whenever a new Chat is "Room" is opened do all the members get an automatic notice from or is it up to the member who open's the Chat Room to send a notification to all the members?
2) Our archives are readable by non-members. Can they also read the contents of the Chats? If so how do they find them?

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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I saw the post on the 2430A was as a chat?
Do we do that on TekScopes?
And why would someone want to? ... What's the advantage of that over starting/participating in a thread?
It appears that chats are in the sub-basement of TekScopes.

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