Re: FG504 pricing


Are there any FS on E-bay? Or more correctly, have there been any *sold*
on E-bay? If so, that's probably at least how much that you'll probably
have to pay, unless you can find someone in this group or somewhere will
sell you for less. If they've sold for let's say $100 on Ebay, there will
be people on there now trying to sell them for $250! But just because
that's what they're asking, that doesn't make them *worth* that so don't
buy one at that price unless you're too impatient to wait. Also you can
probably find one from a used TE dealer but don't kid yourself, they know
down to the penny of what they're "worth" on Ebay so they're going to want
at least that much and probably more.

My expection is that, given the age of these, even if you find one that
appears to work, you'll probably need to clean it up, lube the switches and
replace at least some of the caps in it, deal with cracked knobs, bent
shafts and other wear and tear. My advice concerning Ebay is that unless
it's guaranteed to work, *expect* that it won't and pay accordingly.
Despite any sellers claims that "It worked when last used" or "that it came
from a "working environment". (WTH does that mean anyway?)

I wont pay above HALF the price of a known working one , for an unknown
working condition *but complete* one. AND the first thing I check even
before I buy anything like that used, is to get some GOOD pictures of it
from every side and I inspect to be sure that no one has been into it and
has been tinkering with it or has taken out the unobtainium parts. Tinkers
can do a lot of damage and there also a number of TE dealers on Ebay that
strip parts out of electronics equipment and then dump the chassis on Ebay
and claim that it's in "unknown" or "untested" condition. No, they know
exctly what it;s condition is! Gutted! I always consider who the seller
is and if they're a TE dealer with a lot of sales and not just someone
cleaning out their father's ham shack, then they should know about the TE
that they own so I don't accept pleas of ignorance from them. If I'm stuck
with buy a hulk that someone has been into, or that a TE dealer owns but
now claims is in unknown condition (Ebay catagory, for Parts or Repair)
then I seldom go above 10 or 20% of the price of a working (catagorized on
Ebay as New or Used) one.

You also need to carefully consider how much the sellers wants for
shipping. They might only want $40 the item but the $120 to ship it!

In the end, I usually only buy equipment that is guaranteed to work.
Once I get it I don''t have waste time on it and I can get on with my other
projects. OR I buy unknown or non-working condition equipment VERY cheap
and then I'm willing to invest my time in it. But the older that I get,
the more that I realize that I don't have forever to finish the projects
that I want to finish and I tend not to want to work on what I consider
"tools" but to buy *working* ones instead and then get on with my more
important projects. I have STACKS and I do mean STACKS of non-working TE
that I've accumulated over the years that I haven't touched in probably 15
years. I shouldn't be buying *any* more non-working equipment unless it's
something that I *need* and I can't find a working one.

Just as a guide, the US .MIL usually considers any repair that costs more
than 50% of the value of the item as "uneconomical" to repair and discards
it. And they're basing that on equipment that is complete and in well
maintained condition but now has a failure. If you're dealing with used
equipment that came from an unknown source and/or that some knucklehead
tried to repair or that someone stripped parts out of, then you're in much
worse condition.

On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 5:27 AM David C. Partridge <> wrote:

I'm considering purchase of an FG504, what should I expect to pay for a
one? For a needs repair one?


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