Re: P6302 / A6302 or P6042 AC/DC Current Probe desperately needed

Chris van Lint

Hi Dennis,

I have one of these (P6302), for which I have no immediate use.  Usually the cost of shipping makes sending something from one continent to another prohibitive, but this unit I guess is small enough to make it a reasonable proposition.  If you are interested, please contact me off-list


On 4/05/2021 11:18, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:
I desperately need a working DC current probe small enough (relatively
speaking) to get into circuits I am troubleshooting. To be specific I am
referring to the P6302 / A6302, or the P6042. The A622 is not sensitive

I have lots of AC current probes (P6016, P6021, P6022, and CT-4) and an
AC/DC current probe (A6303) I do not need. If anyone is interested in a
trade for any of the current probes I have please let me know what you have
and what you want to trade for it.

All of my current probes are guaranteed to work and they come with cables,
terminations, amplifiers, and power supplies. Note: I have no way to test
the CT-4 because of the currents involved.

The LF and HF 3dB points for the P6016, P6021, and P6022 depend on the
termination, amplifier, or plugin it is used with. The correct amplifier,
terminator and plugin are included with each one.

* 1 x P6016 (
* 3 x P6021 (
* 1 x P6022 (
* 1 x A6303 This is a great DC /AC probe but too big.
* 1 x CT-4 High Current (2000A peak) Transformer for use with a Tek current
probe. I have no way to test this because of the high currents involved.
* 1 x 7A14 7000 Series Current Probe Amplifier
* 1 x 067-0559-00 Current Probe Calibration Fixture
I also have a couple of extra 134 amplifiers and amplifier power supplies.

If you can help please contact me off list at dennis at ridesoft dot com

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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