Re: Challenging 2465 PS repair


I do the same but I have an amp meter attached to my Variac and I start
out at about 1 VAC and watch for excessive current. If the device under
test is rated to draw say 5 amps at 115 VAC and I apply say 3 VAC and it's
already drawing 3 Amps then there's probably a short somewhere. But the
low amount of power (9 Watts) isn't as likely to cause damage as applying
115 VAC and 20 Amps (the normal limit of 115 VAC circuits) would.

On Mon, May 3, 2021 at 11:46 AM Milan Trcka <> wrote:

In an attempt to keep in as much smoke as possible when powering up
suspect or failed PS, I use an adjustable transformer (Variac) to slowly
bring up mains voltage while monitoring for vital signs. Use isolation
transformer or battery powered isolated scope when monitoring waveforms.


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