Re: Transporting a 500-Series Scope without Breaking the CRT

Greg Muir

Back in the late 90’s I had a small piece of equipment that was captured in a military shipping container consisting of 2” closed cell stiff foam shock absorbers around each corner of the unit faced with an aluminum layer on each one. The transit container consisted of .062” aluminum walls both inside and outside with a 3/8” layer of plywood sandwiched in between the aluminum. The unit itself weighed around 20 pounds with the container coming in a close second.

When received from UPS Ground the knobs (or at least the parts of them with the control shafts) were sticking out through the exterior aluminum. Needless to say the unit was toast. The UPS inspector tried to tell me that the unit was “inadequately packed.” I told him that my impression was that the container must have been dropped from at least a 10 foot height onto a concrete floor.

UPS begrudgingly reimbursed the cost of the unit but would not refund the shipping charges.


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