Re: Challenging 2465 PS repair


Hi all,

I am determined to repair this PS, so I removed all broken, damaged or suspicious parts and ordered new ones.
For the time being, I removed all the burned fiberglas parts of the PCB, leaving me with a nice, clean 8mm hole in the PCB and many open spaces were new parts will be placed.

After studying the schematic of this power supply, it is vaguely similar to the 22xx power supplies, but with at least one major difference.

Similar is, it has a Primary switcher, and it has a secondary switcher, but, were in the 22xx PS the secondary switcher runs at it's own frequency, in this 246x PS the secondary switcher uses the same frequency as generated by the primary switcher.
This makes it a bit more of a challenge to separate the Primary and the Secondary to test them one at the time.

The good news is, the service Manual has a procedure to do this, but extra dummy loads are needed.
I ordered these parts as well, and when they arrive I will continue this repair.

To be continued, stay safe,


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