Re: Transporting a 500-Series Scope without Breaking the CRT



Most of the scopes I've picked up have been in storage for many years and lots of dust. I usually just do cleaning with a compressor for dust and loose dirt and lots of elbow grease for stubborn dirt.

Never tried to clean a complete one with a hose. I have used the dishwasher for cleaning plugins with good results.


On 5/2/2021 7:38 PM, Jeff Dutky wrote:

I was picking up a 533A, and moving it about 15-20 miles, about half of that "highway" travel (this being the DC area, the highway travel averaged less they 40 mph).

I got the scope home without incident. I need to put some work into it before I can power it up, but it looks like it's in good condition. It's been in storage for something like 45 years, and it's a low serial number (003969) so it's easily 60 years old. The caps are likely dry as a bone. Some of the pots and switches could use some exercise and DeOxit.

It's a bit dusty (though I've seen much, much worse), and I'm working up my courage to clean it using Stan Griffiths' method. Of course I don't have an oven to bake it in afterwards (I could tent it with a dehumidifier, though, and let the DC summer provide the heat), so maybe the hose isn't the best idea.

I'm excited to get it working and experience a 500-series scope. My grandfather had one (I think) but it never worked in my lifetime, something about a bad transformer (maybe it was a 547?). I was also having an itch to try working on some vacuum tube equipment.

-- Jeff Dutky

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