Re: Transporting a 500-Series Scope without Breaking the CRT


I've been reading this thread and am wondering what 500 scope are you moving and how far?

I've moved many of them in the back of my truck just wrapped in a moving blanket and secured so they can't slide around with no problems. This includes three 555's, shortest trip was about 40 miles the longest was 400 miles. I never opened them up when picked up, just wrap them up. I've either been really lucky or they are much more rugged then most people realize.

I do follow common sense, don't throw them in the truck and don't drop them.


On 5/2/2021 11:23 AM, Leon Robinson wrote:

Take a screwdriver to remove the cover & a handfull of 8 or 11 inch tyraps just in case there is something wrong you can then secure it.

Leon Robinson  K5JLR

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Date: 05/01/2021 7:19 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: [TekScopes] Transporting a 500-Series Scope without Breaking the CRT

I used to haul large CRTs (21" computer displays) this way, which are admittedly less finicky than an old tek scope, at least they never seemed to care about orientation, and I would seatbelt them in. They were all deep enough that the seatbelt was near its limit, so they were held in pretty securely that way. For this, however, I will try to pick up some bungie cords or something, to get a good strap around the seat back. I was going to bring some larger blocks of closed cell foam to give it some cushioning in case I had to put it in back, but I can use the same foam to wedge against the dash in front.

I'm still a little worried about the CRT mounting in the case. I can't seem to find the thread now (and maybe it wasn't in this group; maybe it was in a Facebook group I also belong to) where someone had moved a 500-series scope but some part of the CRT mounting hardware had failed and the neck had shattered. I'd really like to avoid that sort of tragedy if at all possible.

-- Jeff Dutky

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