Save this 533A from the trash in Arlington Virgina #photo-notice


This was my uncles scope. He passed away last year. I'm going through his stuff before the property gets sold. I thought perhaps someone here on the east coast would want this one, otherwise it get loaded in the dumpsters. Too big a scope for me. The cost is zero, it's free. Needs to go to a good home to be loved.

It comes with a CA and D plugin. The drawer has some probes and other parts too. There are manuals for the 533A, CA and the D.

I suspect the last time it was used was the early 70's as there is a 1969 HeathKit catalog that has some of my uncles notes written on it that was with the manuals.

I opened up the case and saw that one resistor is burnt up, otherwise all looks good to me. All the tubes are in there.

It is located in my workshop at home in Arlington Virginia. PM if interested

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