TDS220 bootup??


Got a TDS220. Does not get used much. It sat unused for at least a year. Cord plugged in, switched off (these have a hardware on/off sw on the AC line).

So, went to use it, turned on and I get orange lines on the screen. ????

Tried turning it on an off a few times and then it booted up and seemed to work OK.

The next time I tried it, same story with the orange lines. I eventually discovered a light slap on the scope would pop it out of the orange lines thing and it would boot and pass the self test and work normally.

If left on a while and turned off and then immediately back on right away, odds are it boots fine again. But let it set even a minute or so and then back to needing a shock.

I've had this scope for well over a decade and this only started in the past year or so.

What should I look at? After the obvious with bad connections someplace, could the xtal be "lazy" now for some reason and the oscillator on the main micro not starting?


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