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Hi Daniel et al,
It always surprises me that people are so easily outraged by changes like this one that eBay has in the works. eBay Inc. is a publically traded company beholden to its stockholders, not to you or me. Their management has to constantly balance the needs of their stockholders, sellers, and buyers while insuring they don't violate the laws and customs of every country they do business in. I don't envy them. Any change they make is bound to anger some of their constituents.

We all have the ultimate power to determine if this was a good or bad decision on their part by what we do next. It is simple: Stop using them if you don't like this new policy.

I became a member 21 years ago, just 4 years after they started. In my time as a member I can easily see how it evolved. I welcomed some things they did, and I was dismayed by other things. I do not expect it to be the same as it was back then and neither should you. I still find it extremely useful, although not for what I was using it for back then.

As they evolve so do I. I have had to accommodate their ever changing rules and requirements so I can continue to take advantage of the amazing marketplace they have created for exchanging goods. In the 25 years since they were founded near the East Bay in San Francisco they have revolutionized buying and selling. I'm certain of one thing: eBay will continue to evolve and stockholders, buyers, and sellers will continue to complain about it until they vote with their feet.

It sounds like some of you feel entitled to be treated a certain way by eBay and you are angry that you have made an incorrect assumption. Welcome to the club. I was angry when I moved out on my own and my mom didn't come over to my apartment to vacuum, do my laundry, and continue cooking for me. Eventually I got over it, I hope you do too. eBay still has plenty to offer if you know what to look for and how to find bargains.

I appreciate the members who are offering suggestions on how to accommodate the latest change coming from eBay. The alternative, complaining about the changes, doesn't help. eBay does care about you (in the big sense) but they have hundreds of millions of stockholders, sellers, and buyers to also care about. When you realize how insignificant you are it might help you to understand that complaining is a waste of time. Your choice is to evolve with eBay or vote with your feet by leaving.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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Hi folks, this is OFF TOPIC because it's about e-bay, but on the other hand, with the exception of my older gear, it's just about the only way I get *any* Tek or HP gear these days. So, with apologies if it drags on too long and in the wrong direction,....
I got a message from e-bay that explains they are changing their payment structure. According to that, sellers will need to directly link a bank account to e-bay so that they can receive payments directly from buyers. By May 21, if you do not link a bank account to e-bay, they will not allow new postings! So, the implication is that Paypal is no longer going to work. I don't know about folks here, but I suspect, like me, they are a bit older, financially conservative, and are loathe to link a personal bank account to e-bay. To this day I do not have my paypal account "linked" to my bank account. I can have all my on-line accounts hacked, but none of them have any access to my bank account.

Dennis Tillman W7pF
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