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Amazon in Europe has the ability to link your account as the only
payment method, and it works perfectly well for variable,
non-recurring payments of all sorts of amounts.

On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 9:02 AM Szabolcs Szigeti
<> wrote:


Interesting, that is definitely not going to work in a lot of places
outside the US. At least here, for example (Hungary, but I think true for
most of Europe) it is virtually impossible to pull money off an account
without explicit authorization. You can set up recurring variable amount
payments, like utilities bill, etc., but those can have limits and other
controls. There isn't any easy way for someone to just get money out of an
account without the approval of the owner. So I don't think this would be
the purpose for eBay.
As far as I know, with PayPal you only have to link an account if you are
selling and want to take the money out. At least I have never linked
anything to my PP account (other than a credit card (a virtual one, with
hard limits) and I was still able to buy and sell. I just used the amount
from the sale to buy other stuff (a lot of Tek stuff, to stay on topic),
never removed it from my PP account.


Harvey White <> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. ápr. 28.,
Sze, 21:51):

One thing to note is that credit cards may be easily disputed, thus not
guaranteeing EBAY their money immediately. Bank accounts may be harder
to dispute and more difficult to correct.

Note: in the US, debit cards, while they are convenient in maintaining
control over an account balance, do not have (or have not had) the legal
protections that credit cards do. May be the same with a bank withdraw.


On 4/28/2021 2:21 PM, Martin wrote:
Hi Dave,

OK, I don't actually know Paypal, never subscribed to it as I have
learned about all these experiences before.

Still I do not understand why Ebay needs any agreement at all with their
new payment methods.
They already could dip into my account via the credit card, so what else
do they need?


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