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Hi Jeff,

On 28. Apr 2021, at 22:28, Jeff Dutky <> wrote:
There may also be a difference in the transaction fees that eBay needs to pay...
thats the most likely explanation I heard so far as to why they want to stop going via a credit card. The credit card company charge for their services... So for Ebay this is essentially a move to save money.

But also, as has Harvey pointed out, you can dispute the amount taken on your credit card and then Ebay would have to prove something. Thats also a cost factor, but authorising Ebay to withdraw whatever sum they like from my bank account is going too far IMHO. I had my phone provider authorised many years ago, when one day they charged 10x too much due to some mistake in their accounting system. Although they did correct it quickly, for me that was the trigger to ban all services from my account where the amount is not fixed.

I wonder why banks don't offer something like a pre-authorization, where you authorise once but get a message you have to confirm before the transfer is actually carried out. That way it would still be quite comfortable as you do not have to remember, but you can withhold the transfer if deemed incorrect.


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