Re: Recapping Tektronix 2465


I received the material from Mouser, for those interested I report the list of what I found available and I ordered:

More or less everything corresponds to what was found on this group, except the 7 ohm NTC, I found one that should be fine with code 995-SL157R005-L. However I did not use it because the 2 original NTCs measured with the ohmmeter, report the correct resistance.

For those like me who are not familiar with the Mouser catalog, I think I can say that, for example, the codes 647-UHE1E101MED, 647-UHE1E101MED1TA, 647-UHE1E101MED1TD correspond to the same component but in bulk, or taped etc.

I started working with the A2-A3 boards and I have some questions, if anyone would like to answer:

- I found R1016 swollen, then unsoldering it broke, what to replace it with? A common metal or ceramic film?

- I followed the method of searching for the shielded outer end of non-polarized capacitors with the oscilloscope but for several specimens I don't get any difference, or uncertain differences by inverting the connections on the pins. Yet the test clearly works by trying some old capacitors found in my drawers. Does this mean an error on my part, or that for those components the direction of insertion is indifferent?

- Still speaking of non-polarized capacitors, in the wiring diagram does the shielded outer end correspond to the curved line of the capacitor symbol?

Thank you for any information already received and in the future and I apologize for any errors but I'm using google translate....


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