Tek DSA8200 help wanted


I have a Tek DSA8200 w/ 2 TDR modules. It was retired from service qualifying HDMI cables. The HDMI standards changed and now you need a 4 port VNA to test HDMI cables. In any case when I contacted Tek about getting the 80SJNB package they told me it was obsolete and I needed to get a DSA8300. The software would not work on the DSA8200 any more??? Once they figured out there was no unlimited checkbook at hand they moved on.

At this point I would like to explore how to get the 80SJNB software package on this unit if its possible. Anyone with experiece dealing with this could probably give me some insights. Also about the Iconnect package which again was not available. How does software become no longer made??? To be sure I'm not ready to spend $$$ to get this all running on my obsolete hardware.

Any advice? Or maybe I'll just sell it.

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