Re: Rotary encoder switch info needed

Jim Strohm

One important thing to remember is that CB channels below 24 are NEITHER contiguous nor numerically ordered. So to repurpose these switches, you might set up an LED matrix to show continuity per switch position.

I’ve seen a few switch tables for CBs but it was decades ago. I’m pretty sure but not positive that all 40-channel CBs used a switched digital PLL and VCO arrangement and not the “rock crusher” crystal mixer common with most 23-channel rigs.

FWIW the digitally controlled rigs used an octal +1 switch matrix on the VCO, but some had hex inputs. Some also had a ROM to block non-permitted frequencies. Defeating the ROM was non-trivial and required significant surgery.

If is still online, you may be able to garner more info there. Especially if you are converting CBs to other bands, you want to buy their DVD set if it’s still available.
It’s much faster to search a DVD than to download from their website, especially since some misguided anti-CB dweebs continue to engage in DoS attacks against them, 30 years after the CB wars ended.


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