Re: 465 Electrolytic Capacitor Replacement

Steven Bender

Someone stated:

… "it's very important IMO that you use a *top* quality solder such as Kester even when unsoldering a joint. The Kester 2% silver loaded solder is hard to find and is now stupidly expensive but it's by far the best solder that I've ever used and I HOARD every bit of it that I can find and I use it very sparingly. I won't waste my time trying to use lead free solder. FOR ANYTHING!"

I agree, I have used many resin cored solders (60/40, 63/37, 2% Ag, 4% Ag, Alpha brand, Kester brand, No-name, etc.) over the past 50+ years, and in terms of rosin smell (some I just could not stand!) and ease of use, I prefer the 4% Ag from Kester.

Around 15 years +/- ago, I bought as much of the 4% silver solder as I could afford, the .015" diameter Kester 4% silver, leaded solder, mostly, in my opinion, the finest that I ever used. It truly makes beautiful joints, using any soldering iron (for over twenty years I used a “tip" oriented temperature controlled Weller WP-60-3) until I bought several of the stand alone Weller and JBC station/iron units. I happen to sell an occasional item on eBay, almost 20% of the time, its the: 12’, 25’, 50’, 100’, and 200’ lengths of that .015 diameter, 4% silver, leaded Kester Solder.

Sorry for the self-aggrandizing mention, but that solder is still available, and some 2% Ag also (until I get down to my last roll).

Steven ( stevenel57 on eBay )

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