Free Tek toroids, coils and current transformers, plus a new B Trig 7904 assembly


This clean up is taking me to parts I have never seen before, batches we bought from service centers but never got around to looking through. There are a lot of 1-2-3 parts that are 108, 114 and 120 items.
I have no useful data on anything other than the 120 parts:

120-0323-01 (3) tiny axial ferrite, from RM/544, 546, 547
120-0366-00 (2) toroids, from 464, 465/R, 466
120-0468-00 (5) toroids, from 454/A/R
120-0603-00 (1) current sensor 2-parts-top and bottom, from 010--238-01/03. Is this for a probe? it looks like it, top and bottom jaws, but the RPR does not say where the assembly winds up.

plus there's:
108-0147-00 (2) axial inductors
108-0215-00 (20 axial inductors
108-0526-00 (3) small wound ferrite bead
108-0529-00 (5) tiny toroid inductors
108-0551-00 (2) toroid inductors
114-0105-00 (2) adj. coil
114--051 and 053 (3 of each) adj. coil, box says CA plug in peaking coils.
I'm guessing if you have one of these that's broken, a spare would be handy.
you can have any you want, just pay for shipping, most can go in a a padded bag very cheaply.

there's also a complete 050-0730-06, a Tek 7904 B-Trigger upgrade kit, plus I have the pdf instructions for it.
this is very extensive, new PCBs, cables, connectors, still factory sealed. all can be yours for $25 + shipping.
best to discuss these items off list to keep the clutter down.

we are shooting all the mechanical parts now, and will post them up to the stuff page when done (will take 3 days), there's curve tracer test panels, fan rotors, latches, locks, feet, RF shielding and bumpers, and a whole host of weird and wonderful Tek bits you may have a use for. Even those shallow crennelated BNC mounting nuts are in that batch. I know somebody wanted one a while back.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

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