Re: OT: Stabilizing Old Transformer Input Wires


You can consider a 2 part potting compound. A while back, I bought some Dow Corning Sylgard 160, which comes in dual tube 400 ml units. It is intended to be dispensed with a special "caulking gun" type tool with a mixing nozzle. It was originally intended for a solar panel project which never happened because I found some manufactured panels at a good price. I, now, use the Sylgard for general potting, etc. Instead of dispensing the entire 400 ml at once, I just dispense whatever small amount I want into a small container and mix it manually. It cures, at room temperature, in about a day - faster in the oven. Beware; Its very strong and sticky. I made an initial mistake of using a glass 50 ml beaker and allowed it to set up before cleaning the beaker. I don't know if I will ever get the cured material out without breaking the beaker. I'm very careful to clean the tube ends and cap completely before putting the cap back on after I'm through.

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