Re: 465 Electrolytic Capacitor Replacement


I hate to admit it here but I have used a very hot hot air gun to heat
the backside of circuit cards until the solder melts and then slam the
board down on a table to knock dozens of surface mount components off all
at the same time. If the air is HOT and you don't have to heat the board
for more than about 20 seconds, the components survive surprisingly well.
But they usually scatter all over the place! You definitely don't want to
do it in a room with a carpeted floor!

On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 10:35 PM Jeff Dutky <> wrote:

The PACE solder rework training has some interesting "methods" for
component removal

of course they only mention "Heat and Shake" but don't recommend it.

-- Jeff Dutky

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