Re: Have some free 151-1001-01 FETs, and added piles of hard to find Tek 148 Relays

Dave Wise

Talon Electronics has one in stock: “Tektronix 050-0486-00 Modification kit for P6045 FET probes. Modifies probe to accept 151-1001-01 FET.”
So 151-1001 is used in late-production P6045, and upgrading was easy enough that Tek issued a kit.

Dave Wise

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Subject: [TekScopes] Have some free 151-1001-01 FETs, and added piles of hard to find Tek 148 Relays

I have NO idea what these tiny gold flat-pack 151-1001-01 (FN1919 from Siliconix) FETs are used iin, the RPR only calls out an 050 kit, just not much help. anyway, I have 3, if anybody needs one, contact me off list, they can be yours for free.

Many people have been searching for the tiny Tek made relays, and the larger P+B R10 148 series parts, I dug out a
lot of new 148 parts, and posted them to the stuff page in the tek section here:<>

Also there are FREE 1/4 turn case cover latches I found, and two types of Tek handles, might be something there that will help you, have a look. Lots of cool goodies in the other categories too, have a look.

I have a HUGE pile of Tek mechanical new spares, not any help to me. Too much time and grief to photo and list everything individually, I was going to try and group like things together in piles, and toss them up on the page, any suggestions appreciated. There is a lot of hardware, odd trim and plastic stuff, covers, etc. There's some new FAN impellers for the tiny siemens motors too. If you have a specific request or idea, let me know.

Please contact me off list.
all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
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