Re: Unable to see some images in 75th anniversary consolidated pdf

Dave Brown

The museum did two projects to celebrate Tek's 75th anniversary. The first was a 75 exhibit slideshow tour. We chose this format since organizing a tour during Covid is a bit challenging. Even doing slides the tour takes 90 minutes. We had 6 different volunteers narrate the slides so the audio quality varies by home setup. The slides have photos of the actual exhibits at the museum with just a few exceptions.

The second project was to post a historic page a day. I started on February 4th, the day the company registered the name Tektronix. I've posted a page a day every day less about 5 days when I was without power and we migrated the website. The last posting was yesterday. Since all the pages have been posted I replaced the individual photos with a PDF. Links to both are on the home page.

Our thanks to the volunteers who took the time to put these together. Both were considerable efforts.


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