Re: 465 Scope Question

Dave Hills

C1562 most likely has failed. If it has you should see a large AC ripple voltage across it.
VR1522 is functional. If it were not, ALL the regulated voltages would be off, as they all
are referenced to it.


Started out with no -8vdc. Replaced the bridge rectifier now I have -6.5vdc.
The power transistor Q1566 checks out as OK. Lifter C1569 but that didn't
help. The voltages on Q1566 are ok except the Collector voltage is a little
over =3vdc when it should be +5vdc. I'm going on the assumption that
something downstream is dragging down the -8vdc but is not a dead short.

Sound reasonable?

All the other Low Voltage power supplies are dead on in voltage.

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