Re: Corrosion Damage – TM500 Plugins


Not to rub salt in the wound, but by coincidence just yesterday I was inventorying some electronic parts I have. They are stored in OEM packaging dated 1965. They were stored the old fashioned way, taped up in crinkle paper wrap. They have never been opened since 1965, so I opened one up just to check it.
The part was perfect. Bright shiny contacts, no corrosion, no funk, no issues. That’s 56 years, and no issues.

Like you guys and gals, I remember when the various kinds of foams became available. They looked cool, seemed to provide better protection against physical shock, etc., so I used them for a while, until I opened up an anvil case that had been stored for several years, and found a mass of goo-coated equipment...ruined by the degrading foam.

I went back to paper to wrap parts, and keep them in snap lid plastic containers. Sometimes I toss in a bag of silica gel, because the containers do breathe a bit. Yes, I take the risk of the static danger from the paper. If I am really worried about it I spray the paper with fabric softener and let it dry in the sun. The fabric softener eliminates the static threat.

Sometimes the old way is the right way. Try paper. It works pretty good.

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