Re: Good storage solution for collection of 500-series plugins?


I do not know what it is but ( in general) things stored in steel cabinets and "cookie tins" seem to last a lot longer and without corrosion issues. I think it is due to the steel grabbing the reactive components in the air faster than the items stored, there is generally more surface area of the container to react......I do know my tea is stored in "tins" and lasts for years with little degradation due to oxidation. I believe it is the same reason.

On 4/24/21 12:30 PM, - wrote:
I store my plugins in one of the silver colored ziplock anti static bags
and then inside of a steel cabinet that has a drop down front door. The
cabinet is in a somewhat air conditioned room in an outbuilding. I've
never had a problem with the books, manuals, machine tools, wood, fabrics
or any of the electronics in there. I don't know that the cabinet was
originally made for but it's about 15 inches tall and has a single shelf so
isn't fitted for plugins but I stack then two of three high with no
problems ( I lay them on their sides just for stability.) Any decently
constructed enclosed steel storage cabinet with adjustable shelfs from Home
Depot or the like should work fine for storing them. But I do recommend
keeping them in antistatic bags just to keep any dust off and help prevent
ESD when handling them. Since they are electronic, I would avoid any
plastic storge containers or cabinets unless they're made of antistatic
material since plastics can generate static electricity. Depending on how
dry and/or cold your climate is, then that could be BIG problem or almost
insignificant in a hot, humid place like Florida.

On Sat, Apr 24, 2021 at 12:35 PM Jonathan Pyle <> wrote:

I currently have four plugins for my RM45A (545A), which means three of my
plugins are always lying around somewhere collecting dust.

It would be great if there was a bookshelf or rack where I could store
plugins when I wasn't using them, where they would be enclosed on five
sides and thus protected from dust and other dangers.

Does anyone have a good solution for storing 500-series plugins? I was
hoping for something inexpensive rather than a vintage scope cart that
would cost a lot to ship. Maybe someone has found an Ikea-ish organizer
that happens to have compartments that are the perfect size for 500 series

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