Re: 465 scope component question

Dave Peterson

I have those too. Blue ceramic? The second larger one parallel to C1474 goes over to R1476/CR1476. Looks like C1477 to me.

On Saturday, April 24, 2021, 08:39:05 AM PDT, Bill via <> wrote:

On the A9 Interface Circuit Board I ran into a problem identifying a component.  On page 198 of the service manual for scopes 250,000 and up at Position E3 near Q1474 note C1474, R1473, R1472 and CR1472.  In my scope there is a very small ceramic capacitor in front of what appears to be a large ceramic capacitor, could be C1474??  There are not two of them shown in the diagram in the manual.  The larger component has markings on it, CE .1k 200 volt, and is the component I'm not sure of.  Any ideas?

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